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A version consisting of all seventeen episodes in one continuous movie HERE

Animation by Mario Tosto using artwork by Steven Thomas of Smash-Digital in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Chapter 1: The Moose that Brought the News

The beginning of the story. On a small island in the middle of a deep blue sea, a pack of pup scouts is gathered around a fire. The Old Moose suddenly appears and introoooduces himself and his connection with Thomas Jefferson. YouTube link

Chapter 2: The Vox Pupuli

The Wise Old Dogs inject a note of caution about the quest for the New Moose.

Chapter 3: Rooski Mafiooski

Undeterred by the warnings of the Wise Old Dogs, the pups set out to search for the New Moose. First stop: Malware Island, where they meet some nefarious characters. DANGER!

Chapter 4: Devices, Devices

Some cats complain about the proliferation of electronic gadgets — that they use constantly.

Chapter 5: Extremely Friendly Frieda

Sung by Frieda, an open-source penguin who is “extremely friendly” to all. Song: “Everyone is Beautiful”

Chapter 6: Freddy’s in love

Freddy, the early adopter pup, has virtually fallen in love with Extremely Friendly Frieda, the most remarkable creature he has never seen. His joy knows no bounds.

Chapter 7: LOLcatz Lament

The Old Moose gets everyone back on track to search for the New Moose. They arrive on LOLcat island and soon see a protest in progress. Song: “LOLcatz Unite!” Artwork by Steve Thomas,

Chapter 8: The Commons

The explorers come to Wiki Island, where the inhabitants practice a strange form of commerce. Song: “The Commons” Artwork by Steve Thomas,

Chapter 9: The Protection Quartet

Realizing that sheep won’t convince the Old Dogs about the value of the Internet, Freddy enlists Frieda and her friends to help with the search for the New Moose. Four commercial forces offer protection — at a price.

Chapter 10: First Meeting!

Freddy and Frieda’s virtual relationship encounters some very real challenges.

Chapter 11: The Eaglebot

The Eaglebot represents mass surveillance in cooperation with government and Big Data commercial entities. Here it proposes to infiltrate the cause of the explorers and misdirect them.

Chapter 12 — Globality

Misdirected by the Eaglebot to Safe Island, along the way a debate arises among the Explorers. Optimists and Pessimists square off about the free and open Internet.

CHAPTER 13. Big Data

The platform pigs scheme to keep the pupulous on Safe Island, generating Big Data on which the pigs gorge. ALERT: Gross sounds! YouTube link


Freddy and Frieda’s Wedding Day! A trio of penguins celebrates the happy couple with a song encouraging all to courageously explore the free and open Internet. YouTube link

CHAPTER 15 – Seals of Disapproval!

Declaration of war! The Seals, summoned by the Piggies
plan to use cyber bullying to intimidate those who set out to explore the open sea on their own YouTube link

Chapter 16: Love Wins

Frieda sings to rally the explorers as they face an imminent attack from the seals.
YouTube link

Chapter 17: We Are the Web

The grand finale, including the cyber war with the Seal and the great discovery of the secret of the “New Moose!”
YouTube link