1. ICANN 1

1.icann2Posting by: Freddie.Hi all! Freddie here.
Frieda and I headed out past Search Island for a little honeymoon. Before long we came to Domain Island, which is an amazing place.

The fields on the island are carved up into millions of little patches, with different kinds of plants on every patch. Birds fly in carrying little scraps of paper with letters and words written on them, finding just the right patch. Then they fly out with different scraps of paper holding numbers. Our guess is that this has something to do with how the internet works.

1.icann1Strangely enough, in the hills overlooking the fields, there is a large– assembly area with a big crowd.
Everyone is making speeches, meeting in small groups, posting proclamations with no apparent effect on the activity in the fields below.
We saw a big banner that read “ICANN” — but we have no idea what it means.
Special note to the cats: let us know if you have questions you would like us to ask if we can find anyone in this crowd willing to talk with us.

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