1Sung by the Penguineers

Sung at Freddie and Frieda’s Wedding

Wedding ALL no seals


NARRATOR: On their wedding day, Freddie and Frieda stand before a large crowd of Puppies and Penguins, Cats and Sheep — friends of all kinds. The Moose, of course, presides.


MOOSE: Is this thing on? The Penguins will now perform a song in honor of this unique … couple.


This is the moment
It’s all that we really have
Penguins INCLINEDThis is the moment to shine
Fearless and affable
Poised and unflappable
This is the way we incline.
What is the cost to forgo what can be
When we unleash all the power of WE?
Exploring together the wide, teeming sea
All the lanes open and free.
In spite of the dangers
The triteness and blatant wrong
The future is safest when free
Trust that the power of goodness will tower above
Every dark wave of the sea.
Banish all fear and doubt from the fore
Cast it behind, and pull for the shore
Pulling together to bravely explore
All the ways we can be more.
The future’s not waiting, we’re on the frontier
Abate all debating and doubting and fear
Embrace it with gusto and cherish it with cheer
The future is already here!

penguineers UP

Oh, embrace it with gusto, and cherish it with cheer Let’s all be bold penguineers!


Words & Music by Mario Tosto