Sung by The Moose himself!

NARRATOR: On a small island in the middle of a bright blue sea, a pack of pup scouts accompanied by a few Wise Old Dogs, roasts marshmallows around a campfire. To their surprise, a Moose appears from behind a tree. He comes over to introdoose himself and tells them a very interesting story.


Ahhhooooo – here’s a true story about a moose:  1.1
In 1787 I was shipped off to Paris to be used
By Thomas Jefferson who set out to show
Something the Old World didn’t know
About the newwwwww.
I was the moose that brought the news.

In those days the Old World thought the New World was just a sham
That nothing over there could be new or better than
The science and achievements of the past
And that nothing from The West would ever last
They never knewwwwwwwwwwwww
I was the moose that brought the news.

1.2When the finest minds of Europe saw me they began to be convinced
And even though at first the sight of me caused most of them to wince
They began to open up their minds
And to find what was out there to find
About the newwwwwwwwwww
I was the moose that brought the news.

But today an old symbol like me isn’t gonna do
To show that there’s a whole new world waiting there for you
We need novel way to show
The Internet’s the place to go
We need a newwwwww
Moose to bring the news

A newwwwww
Moose to bring the news
Moose to bring the news!

Words & Music by Mario Tosto