Sung byThe Wise Old Dogs

2.1One particular puppy, Freddie the Early Adopter, is especially excited by the prospect of exploring the Internet and searching for the New Moose.
MOOSE: (as an aside): The sea is a metaphor for the Internet, get it?
But the elders sound a cautionary note:

Have you not heard, have you not seen?
There’s so much about the Internet that’s so very frightening
Worms and phishing and scams
Viruses and spam
There’s so much about the Internet we don’t like
Or understand.

2.3Better be safe, better forgo
The so-called wonders of the Internet for the old status quo
Who knows what’s behind the next click
Probably a troll with a trick
Oh the dangers of the Internet are way too complicated
To be fixed.

2.4The dangers, by far, exceed all the claims
Of prophets and oracles and kids with their games
Stay off the field and you never will lose
That’s the rule we all use
In spite of that Mooooose!
In spite of that Moose.

Oh, they say it can be handy and powerful sure,
But ignorance about the Internet is a bliss we prefer.
Safer not sorrier, less virtual, more real
We Wise Old Dogs say to us the Internet has no appeal!