Songs of the Moosical –

Click on a chapter image below to go to that song’s page for narration, music and lyrics. Video links go to YouTube renditions of the narrative, including the song. Or you can see the videos in small form on the Videos page.


Song 1

1. The Moose that Brought the News!

The Old Moose introdooces himself. See the Jefferson background story
here. YouTube video


2. The Vox Pupuli

The Wise Old Dogs sound a cautionary note about exploring the Internet. YouTube video.


3. Rooski Mafiooski

On Malware Island the pups meet the enemies of the Net, real and imagined. YouTube video


4. Devices Devices

Some cats complain about the proliferation of electronic gadgets that they use constantly. YouTube video


5. Everyone is Beautiful

Frieda’s extreme friendliness is simply her nature…at least in the beginning. YouTube video


6. Puppy Love Polka

Freddie, the early adopter pup, is ecstatically in love with the most remarkable creature he has never met. YouTube video


7. LOLcatz Unite!

Creative cats (content producers) fear their works will be pirated in an open Internet. YouTube video


8. Uncommon in the Commons

The Commons-folk celebrate the joys of working together and sharing ideas. Wiki-wiki! YouTube video


9. Protection Quartet

Four forces that promise to “protect” us from the evils of the Internet. At a price, of course, of course! YouTube video

Freddie & Frieda

10. Puppy-Penguin Duet

Freddie (a pup) meets his Internet lover Frieda (a penguin) and they celebrate their love. YouTube video

The Eaglebot

11. Eaglebot

The Eaglebot —  High atop Data Mountain the Eaglebot scans the pupulation and sets a plan to confuse their search for the New Moose. YouTube video


12. Globality

The optimists and pessimists square off debating the merits of globalism. YouTube video


13. Big Data

The platform pigs scheme to keep the pupulous on Safe Island, generating big data on which the pigs gorge. ALERT: Gross sounds! YouTube video


14. Song of the Penguineers

Wedding Day! A trio of penguins celebrates the happy couple with a song encouraging all to courageously explore the free and open Internet YouTube video


15. Seals of Disapproval

Declaration of war! The Seals, summoned by the Piggies, try to destroy with cyberbullying those who set out to the open sea on their own. YouTube video


16. Love Wins

Frieda, now less naïve, and faced with the threat of a seal attack, rallies the pups to have faith in the power of love. YouTube video 


17. We Are the Web

An inspirational finale sung by the whole cast as they, surprisingly, illustrate how they can prevail. YouTube video